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Building a

sustainable future


WE ARE a development group bringing innovation

and energy efficiency to Residential Construction.

WE BUILD certified Passive House Buildings.


These are the principles that make Zero Energy Building possible:

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Continuous Insulation

Continuous insulation does not allow any thermal bridging: air loss between the rooms of the house.



Extreme envelope airtightness prevents outside air to come in and inside conditioned air to leave the house.

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Solar heat gain

The sun is your biggest ally: we manage its energy to heat up in winter and to reduce overheating in the summer.


 The result? 

The type of house everyone wants to live in:

More comfort, cleaner air, fewer cold toes, fewer stuffy noses, and much fewer maintenance and operating costs. 

Why Cincinnati?

Tax Incentives

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Property tax abatement for 15 years for certified Passive House buildings. Pay property taxes only on the land you own (rather than just the land+building).

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In partnership with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, systems are bought in bulk to reduce overall costs. Total cost, materials and installation, can be up to 25% lower if compared to national average cost.

StartUp City

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Cincinnati is the best city for startups in the MidWest. Not only home to top biz accelerators like The Brandery, Cintrifuse, UpTech, and Aviantra, but also home of "just" 10 Fortune 500 companies (Kroger, P&G, Macy's, etc.). The advocacy and benefits for startups in Cincinnati is vibrant.


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